Thursday Madrassah Registration 2014

In The Name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful “Surely the heart of a child is like fallow ground: whatever is planted in it is accepted by it.” -Imam Ali (A.S) AL-MAHDI MADRASSAH REGISTRATION 2014 Registration for the year 2014: Jan 11 – Eid e Zahra Jan 16...

About DarulQuran

DarulQuran provides Quranic education that will enable students to learn and understand Quran in its entirety.

Darulquran Fee Structure

Cheques should be made in favor of CIG One child – 3 Post dated cheques – $ 100, $100 and $ 50 More than one child – 5 post dated cheques – $ 100 each Please note that there should be no gap between post dated cheques.

Historical Pictures

Since the formation of the Council of Islamic Guidance many brothers and sisters joined our journey. Many left us to their eternal abode and many more were born after. Please recite sura Fateha for the departed souls of our beloved marhum. All pictures were archived...