Labbaik Ya Hussain


The sacred month of Muharram has passed but you still have the opportunity to serve the cause of Aba Abdullah al Hussain(a), his message and objective of serving the true religion as taught by Prophet Muhammad(s). Donate generously!


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New Community Centre

This is also an opportune time to stand up for truth, justice and to make a lasting sacrifice in the name of the Almighty and for the cause of Islam.

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 Program will start @ 7:30 pm with Namaz e Maghrabain, Dua e Kumail, Speech and Ziyarat
Al-Mahdi Islamic Community Centre
Darul Quran

Your heart will not be sound unless you love for the believers what you love for yourself.

Imām Ali(a)

Al Mahdi Youth Society

GTA Prayer Timing

Note: These timings are a general guideline, please use precaution and check your local timings.

Imsak     05:49
Fajr     05:54
Sunrise     07:20
Zuhrain     12:32
Sunset     05:45
Maghribain         06:00